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RE: Game Warden Article

Postby motorbreaker » Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:01 pm

I haven't seen much of them since moving to Ohio.
Only at check stations. one time I was there with my six
year old son, With his first deer. I was sure the officer would
have been more suspicious, After all he was only six, The officer
congratulated my son with a pat on the shoulder.
In Michigan I seen them all the time. I was ticketed by one when
I was 14,(muskrat trap to close to hole).
Been checked while hunting and fishing several times.
While snowmobiling In Michigan, NewYork, Wisconson, and canada, We seen them all the time.
They sit at intersections stopping every snowmobile that goes by.
Ticketing people who dont have proper registration and trail permits.
In the northern states, Snowmobilers pay a lot to the DNR
Via trail permits and registration.
Of all the DNR I have incountered, Only one was an ass.

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RE: Game Warden Article

Postby MoBowman » Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:12 pm

ORIGINAL: ranwin33

Just wondering what everyone's experience has been with game wardens. 

In my part of Missouri I can say in seven years of hunting I have yet to see one, or even his vehicle on the roads.  My PLC told me not to expect to see him as 1) his area is so large, and 2) he's on his way to retirement and not all that interested in finding law breakers.  A little bit different than my experience in Kansas where it seemed like everytime I was hunting or fishing I'd run into one.

Also being from Missouri, I have several friends that are MDC Agents and I work on several different projects with the MDC so I have a bit of insight. 1st there is typically only one agent per county and that is a whole lot of ground for one man to cover. That is the biggest draw back pretty much State wide. As with many states financial cutbacks is the main reason. But with the start up of the Tele-check system 3-4 years ago it has freed up most CA's to actually get out and do what needs to be done. I personally make it a point to contact and if possible meet with the county agent where ever I may be hunting in Missouri. When you see a violation taking place please don't hesitate to contact your agent, they do apperciate it.
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RE: Game Warden Article

Postby Ohio farms » Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:58 am

Thanks MSHunter. I'm glad to be back too.
Yes, we must have looked's easy to do when you are I guess.
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