How loud should you call ?

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How loud should you call ?

Postby DEER » Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:46 pm

In the past archery season i always i ask my self how loud should i call. And how long for. And how long do you wait after the first call.
Do you think to act aggressive to get the bigger bucks to come in to check out whats going on?

Should i use bigger rattling horns and louder, and aggressive grunt calls.

Let me know what you think, Thank you  
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RE: How loud should you call ?

Postby pickleguy » Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:58 am

Every situation is different. Sometimes you can scare a smaller buck off if you are aggressive especially if he has gotten his but kicked a time or two. The next one may come in out of couriosity etc!
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RE: How loud should you call ?

Postby jonny5buck » Fri Jan 21, 2011 8:16 pm

I agree each situation is different,also each set of woods and really each deer.I believe a buck grunter is a must have call,and the can also.My grunt call can be used to mimic a buck/doe/fawn-i usually never call blind,only as a calming technique or to draw a deer back to me.The can [bleat -n-heat] has its time but again i rarely use it to call when i see nothing.As far as rattling your going to get different opinions from everyone.The ol man uses 2 small almost flat antlers and softly clicks them together for a very very long time.He has numerous big bucks he's rattled in using that method.About 13 big boys mounted on the wall.I have had limited succes rattling and i am still trying to perfect my method.I actually rattled at a monster buck 3 yrs ago and was blown away when he looked my direction and bolted-no he didn't see me either,i believe strongly some deer just aren't as agressive as others.I think tickling,or soft rattling is by large more effective to bring in numbers,but big bang up fighting scenarios are what must mature buck hunters do to draw in 'THE ONE'.Back to calling: i only call as loud as i believe the deer can hear me, the first time i ever heard a deer bleat or grunt it sounded to me like a kid forcing a small belch,i strained looking everywhere,hitting my grunt tube,and it would call back every time...i did it some more did the deer ...when i looked down there was a button buck looking up at me....NO i thought mamma aint up here.He walked a short distance and bedded down.Anyway keep your eyes open and focused calling or rattling-good luck

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RE: How loud should you call ?

Postby Bob Olsen » Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:46 pm

If you use a call, remember the Deer will then hunt you !! This puts you at a very unfair disadvantage. Calls, I think, are just something else to sell to the consumer. If you must use a call, try using your own voice. If I call, it's to get a Deers' attention or to get him to stop in front of me. And I do it softly.

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