Has anyone used this technique for hunting the rut (lock down phase)?

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Has anyone used this technique for hunting the rut (lock down phase)?

Postby goozman55 » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:20 pm

This past fall I stumbled upon a new technique for hunting the rut. I hunt in NE South Dakota and most of the area is farm fields with shelter belts and smaller strips of woods. My uncles house is surrounded by a shelter belt then a cattle lot and then another shelter belt. During the rut, the bucks like to get the does in these small 20ft wide brushy shelter belts and keep them penned up. They seem to be unafraid of any farm machinery or equipment that drives near or close them them when they are in the shelter belts. This past fall I was out there on the 5h of November and from the yard we could see a nice 5x5 running a doe back and for on the inside of the shelter belt. I have a tripod set up in the outside belt and it sits just underneath the tops of the bushy trees.

When a hot doe gets inside the small shelter belt it seems like the bucks just keep cruising through. Also, when the buck bring the does into the shelter belt to breed, they offer easy stalking with the right wind. The farmer was combining the corn next to the shelter belt when the large 5x5 was held up with his doe and the deer felt so comfortable in the grove that they allowed the tractor to drive within 15 ft of them!!! I stalked behind the tractor and got within 20 yards of where they were bedded but when the doe trotted by the buck ran by my small opening not giving me enough time to get off a shot with my bow.

I will definitely be using this tactic again next year. Does anyone else out there hunt areas where this tactic can be useful?


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RE: Has anyone used this technique for hunting the rut (lock down phase)?

Postby Woods Walker » Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:29 pm

Don't tell anyone this, but here in Illinois, the "treestand" that's probably had more deer killed from it than any other by far is a John Deere combine!!! [;)]

The goofy cornrats actually ARE ATTRACTED to the sound and motion of a RUNNING COMBINE!
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