Deer Check Stations

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RE: Deer Check Stations

Postby jonny5buck » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:19 pm

Illinois has the telephone /internet check in system...deer must be reported by 10PM on the day of the kill.Although i agree ..mostly that honest people will continue to check in their deer ,while poachers will continue to poach....the new system is more convenient,but much easier to manipulate than the old stickers...something i liked better.

The old way [in ill.] was immediately upon kill the stciker went on the leg of a doe and antlers of a buck...2 seconds you were legal and the tag could NOT be taken off .without being destroyed.

The new tags require a zip big deal unless you drop it or forget one...than there is the chance a legitimate law abiding hunter is left dragging his deer back without the tag on ...trying to get back to his vehicle and install it proper and legal...all the while maikng sure he can get somewhere with a cell signal to call in his deer before's usually do able ,but what about remote areas? no signal to call it in...a 2hour drag back? not wanting to leave your buck to the coyotes? there is endless possibilities that would put an honest hunter on the fence ....trying to do it right was never ever this i stated before the old way in 2 seconds you were legal and done....the new way opens a whole new can of worms...don't even throw in the word ''ethics'' please...most guys want to get their deer to put meat in the freezer.....with the old stickers once you put it on you were legal...with the new way you could take the tag off and re-use it....

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RE: Deer Check Stations

Postby Woods Walker » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:40 pm

I agree with you on the old stickers being better. And don't forget that with the new ones that have to be on the deer from the git-go, you STILL have to write the confirmation number in after you phone it in! That ain't exacyly the easiest thing to do, especially when it's dark/wet/freezing. You also need to use a felt tip marker, as NO pen will be able to write under those conditions and on that slick paper.

That's a part of the deer check/tag thing they need to fine tune a bit. But don't count on it...Illinois is broke, and the DNR barely has enough money for gas for their CPOs.
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RE: Deer Check Stations

Postby GTOHunter » Tue Mar 08, 2011 10:05 pm

When we first started the Telecheck System here in Missouri I wasn't very happy with it,I liked checking my Deer at a few set places in our County where everyone could meet up and show off their Deer or talk about what was happening in their area...but after a few years I love it and think it is much more convenient and easier to use.When ever You call in the Deer You shot You have to tell them Your Telecheck Number,the County your located in and if its a Doe or a Buck and how many Points it has.One way for the  Game Wardens to check on someone to see if they are honest is If someone calls in a Buck in an Antler Restriction area where it has to have a certain number of Points they leave a paper trail and the Game Warden can drop in on them and double check to make sure the Hunter is telling the truth...several Hunters have been caught and fined for lieing about what they have harvested or they have got caught not tagging their Deer they have shot when transporting their there is a way to check on Hunters.Here in Missouri they have also set up several Portable Check Station's on the highways the Hunters travel on their way home,many were caught and fined in the last few years for different violations!

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RE: Deer Check Stations

Postby oletimer » Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:42 am

Here in Virginia we have had deer telephone check in for several years. You still need to take most of the other species to a check station [ turkey, bear, bobcat ,etc]. If you are going to have your deer entered into the state big buck competition it needs to be checked in at a physical check in station. Suspect this is to try and keep it on the up and up.
I really like the new system. I and most my friend hunt near home. Sure beats loading a dead deer up and taking them for a ride to the check in station. I believe it has more deer checked in now. There were many taken to the barn without visiting the check station. It was a pain in the neck to travel out of the way just to check in a deer but that is history now.
There is no tag that needs to be attached to the deer. You simply notch the slot on your license that applies when you harvest the animal. Call it in with the particulars [ local/ state land - male /female -number of pts - county - etc ] and write down a comfirmation number on the line you notched.

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RE: Deer Check Stations

Postby Sam Menard » Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:04 pm

[quote]ORIGINAL: Gulfcapt

I have a ??? for you sam. I take it your from Ontario Canada? If so here is my ? Is it true that A US Citizen can't hunt their own property up their in Canada with out hiring a Canadian Guid? If so can you explain why if you know!


The rules affecting non-resident hunters vary accross the province. For example, in the Rainy Lake - Lake of the Woods area (just across the Mn - On border) all non-resident hunters must use a licenced guide even if they own land. This is the only part of Ontario that has a guide requirement.

In other areas, there may or not be open seasons for non-resident hunters. Where non-residents can hunt, they are free to do so where ever it is legal to do so e.g. public land or private land with permission.

pm me if you have any other questions.
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RE: Deer Check Stations

Postby bmstaaf » Sat Mar 19, 2011 7:08 pm

Pa has a harvest report card you send in or fill out online (i know personally it is not taken to serious, worked at a deer processing shop for years the pgc would come in one day a week to check them. If your deer was taken to the shop that day you better fill out a report, other than that 1 day a week it doesn't matter), not very effective if you ask me, but then again can anyone think of a system that would work? With the poaching, and people simply not turning in report cards who knows how accurate it is? I know they have equations for that, but who knows? Only so much a small group of people can do ( refrencing the officers), can only try their best.

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RE: Deer Check Stations

Postby ishman » Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:33 am

I have been saying PA needs to do something new with their reporting system for years. Check stations, or phone ins or something new. I think half the problem is every other state agency in dipping into the game commisions funds and makes it impossible for them to try something new.


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