Best slug guns

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RE: Best slug guns

Postby Hunting Ohio » Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:42 am

20 gauge barrel for my Encore.
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RE: Best slug guns

Postby longbeards » Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:35 am

I bought a Rem 870 Super Mag, dressed it up with the Shurshot thumbhole pistolgrip stock and forend, a 23" cantilever rifled super slug barrel and a worldclass tasco 3x9x40 scope. I sighted it in at an inch high at 100 yards. Grouping was inside an inch with 3 rounds. I used Rem 2 3/4 Accutip sabots (385gr, 1850 fps). Here is a picture of it. The setup, including gun cost me around $300. Forgot to say....I love this gun.


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RE: Best slug guns

Postby BigDog » Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:52 pm

I have an H&R UltraSlug Gun in 12ga. with a 3X9 Nikon Slughunter scope (BDC Reticle) mounted on it. Due to where I live, I keep the scope sighted in at 50 yds. but I have grouped it at the range at 150 yds. and the groups average under 3.5" consistently. At 50 yds, it is consistently cloverleaf time. At 100yds. the groups are consistently under 2.5". . . . now this is shooting from a benchrest but I am no sniper. My guess is that if a trained sniper were to shoot my rig, they would do far better than I can. I shoot 3" remington accutips as they seem to group the best for me. My buddy has exactly the same setup that I have but his gun shoots the Hornandy SST best and he gets similar results as I do at the same ranges. I think that you will find that each barrel has it's own preference for which slug it likes best but these H&R Ultraslug Guns are truly sniper guns at 150 yds or less (my local range only goes out to 150 yds so I cannot test further at this time). You surely have to spend some time and money finding out which slug your own gun likes best but once you do, you will be a force to be reconed with out to at least 150 yds (and maybe more).

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RE: Best slug guns

Postby ScrapeMaker » Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:35 am

I have to agree with BigDog. My experience has been almost exactly what his was. I have two friends who go to NJ to hunt with me every year. All three of us own H&R Ultraslug Guns in 12 Ga. and all three guns shoot sub MOA at 50 yds and under 2" at 100 Yds. All three of us use Nikon Scopes. I just replaced my older Nikon with one of the new Nikon Slughunters with the BDC Reticle and my buddies have done the same. As with BigDogs experience, all three of our guns prefer different slugs. Mine likes the Winchester Supreme Partition Gold 3" while one of my buddies prefers the Federal Premium Vital Shok Barnes X Polymer Tipped Copper Sabot and the other prefers the Remington Accutip. For us, it has been a bit expensive finding out what sabot slug each of our guns likes best but it has been well worth it because these H&R Ultraslug guns shoot almost like rifles out to 200 yds. (which is the maximum distance our range goes to). All three of our H&R Ultraslug guns shoot between 3" and 4" groups at 200 yds. (from a bench rest). I can't say enough good about the H&R Ultraslug and Nikon Slughunter combination. As Big Dog said, finding which sabot slug your particular barrel likes best is the key and each barrel (even from the same manufacturer) can like different slugs best. In the area of NJ we hunt, it is rare to ever get a shot at over 50 yds and at 50 yds, this combination will shoot cloverleaf shot placements every time. For shots over 100 yds, crosswinds can and probably make a difference (we found that out at the range) regardless of which slug your gun likes.

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RE: Best slug guns

Postby OldGoat » Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:00 am

You are right about the H&R Ultraslug being a bit on the heavy side IonIon but they are shooters from the word go. I hunt southern Pa. where I get shots over 100 yds with some regularity. At over 150 yds the H&R Ultraslug is the gun I would reach for every time. I hunt from a treestand at the edge of a friend's field. Last season I took a 10 pointer at a ranged 160 yds using the H&R Ultraslug with a Nikon Slughunter scope. The 10 pointer dropped where he stood with a broken neck. You know what, I didn't even notice the weight of that gun as I loaded that 10 pointer into my pickup! Good gun and a great combination of gun and scope. I have to give some credit to the 3" Winchester Supreme Partition Gold sabots I shoot too.

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RE: Best slug guns

Postby OhNo! » Sat Dec 11, 2010 7:18 pm

It sounds like the majority believe the H&R Ultraslug is the best slug gun out there for under $2,000. Well, I can't argue with that. This year I hunted a friends farm in western Pa. I was sitting in a tree stand at the edge of a field and it was just about dawn when I saw a large deer enter the field. With the light what it was and the distance too great with the light fog and all, I couldn't see if the deer was a good buck or not. Finally it got light enough and I saw the buck moving back towards the woods. I ranged the deer at 157 yards with my Nikon Riflehunter 550. I held on the 150 yard mark on my Nikon 3x9 Slughunter scope and fired. The big 9 pointer dropped where he stood. I was shooting 12 ga. 3" Winchester Partitioned Gold sabot slugs. The deer weighed in at 176 lbs dressed weight.
My H&R Ultraslug will shoot cloverleafs at 50 yds and 2" groups at 100 yds all day long. This was the first 150+ yd. shot I had ever taken as the range I use to sightin only goes to 100 yds. I give credit to the Nikon rangefinder and the Nikon Slughunter scope. Without either, I wouldn't have gotten that buck. I must also mention the Winchester Partition Gold sabots. Man do they do the job right. I can't say whether all H&R Ultraslugs shoot this well but mine sure does and I wouldn't trade it for a truckload of Weatherbys!

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RE: Best slug guns

Postby OldMike » Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:50 pm

I guess I have to add my $.02 in here. I also own an H&R Ultraslug in 12 ga. and it soulds like mine is rigged exactly the same as a couple of other guys on this forum. A 3x9 Nikon Slughunter scope with the BDC reticule and a Limbsaver recoil pad. I have only owned my Ultraslug for less than a year now but I've used it enough to know that it is the best shooting slug gun I've ever heard of. I took it to my local range shortly after I got it and sighted it in at 50 yds using Winchester Partitioned Gold sabot slugs on the dealer's recommendation. My first 3 round test grouping was at 50 yds. It was a single ragged hole. My next 3 shot group was at 100 yds using the 100 yd aimpoint on the Nikon Slughunter scope. Again a large single jagged hole . . . obliterating the bull! Then I moved to 150 yds using the 150 yd aimpoint on the Nikon Slughunter scope and shot a wide cloverleaf . . . but a cloverleaf . . . off just a hair at 1:00 o'clock but destroying abot 25% of the bull in that area. At 200 yds, the 3-shot group spread to 3 inches and seemed to drop to the 5:00 o'clock point but one slug was dead center bull with the other two no more than 3 inches away (measured center-to-center). Now admittedly, this was shooting from a sandbagged rest but I can't shoot this well with my 30-30 Winchester even from a sandbagged rest. I don't know if I got lucky and bought a 1 in a million Ultraslug or if most of them shoot really well but I do know this, the 12 ga. H&R Ultraslug is now my goto gun for deer hunting. It is a bit on the heavy side with the scope but since I only ever hunt from a treestand, it won't bother me. I never did try any other slugs as I am perfectly happy with the way the Partitioned Golds shoot out of my Ultraslug. Why mess with success. By the way, I hunted with my son who lives in rural Wisconsin this year and took three deer (all on the small side) with my Ultraslug . . . all were one shot kills and dropped where they stood . . . no tracking at all! My farthest shot was almost exactly 100 yds. That reminds me, get yourself a good rangefinder. They are worth their weight in gold if you are going to shoot any distance with slugs of any kind.

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RE: Best slug guns

Postby LarryG » Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:18 pm

I also hunt with an H&R Ultra Slug in 12 ga. My old eyes dictate the use of good glass so I went with a Nikon Shughunter 3x9. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most accurate slug-gun I've ever owned (and I have 3 of them). I hunt my own farm in Iowa and this gun has accounted for 4 deer in the last 4 years. All were shot at over 90 yds with the farthest at 145 yds. All 4 deer dropped where they stood. My gun likes the 3" Federal Premium Barnes Expander sabot. They hit exactly where I am aiming. I can't say what the best 3 shot group I ever got was because my son sighted the gun and scope in for me. All I know it it hits exactly where I put the crosshairs. I use a good rangefinder and the proper aimimg point for the distance I am shooting and it has been perfect hits every time. That Barnes Expander is one heck of a good slug. A bit expensive at $3.00 a shell but well worth the extra cost. 4 deer out of 4 shells - cheap enough!

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RE: Best slug guns

Postby FFKEVIN » Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:42 am

[font="Tahoma"]Guess who is making the A-Bolt Slug Gun again...

Click Here for Browning A-Bolt Slug Guns web site

I went to my local gun shop yesterday to inquire about buying one and they said they are so new, that they haven't shipped any out yet. Also quoted me a price of $1100[/font]
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Got to go with the 12 Ga. H&R UltraSlug

Postby OldPete » Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:00 am

I am in my 60's and have owned numerous designated slug guns in my life but my 12 Ga. H&R UltraSlug if by far the most accurate I have ever seen. When I bought my UltraSlug and scope I paid under $325.00 including rings, mounting, and boresighting. This gun will consistently shoot cloverleaf 3-hot groups at 100 yds. from a sandbagged bench rest with the occassional single jagged hole. I am sure my UltraSlug will shoot far better than I can hold. Would I recommend the 12 Ga. H&R UltraSlug? You bet I would! I've killed 9 deer with mine and none have gone more than 4 feet after being hit.


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