Dan's Question of the Week: Trailing Gut-Shot Deer

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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: Trailing Gut-Shot Deer

Postby bmstaaf » Sat May 21, 2011 8:48 pm

Gut shot deer are tough sometimes, I will always give it time at least 8 hours... most of the time its just spotty blood until it lays and you will get puddles... I've heard they pull their insides up when walking causing the blood to clot and or minimal blood loss. (almost as if we suck in our stomachs) not sure of the validity but makes sense to an extent... guess it all depends how much gut you got on the shot.

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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: Trailing Gut-Shot Deer

Postby lonlon » Fri May 27, 2011 6:51 am

A recent gut shot experience. My son gut shot a 6x7 whitetail last fall, he saw the deer bed about 150 yards away. It was about noon and he wanted to wait until the next AM, however the land owner was leaving town that night and wanted to be in on the find. We went out about 5 PM and glassed the area for the deer to no avail. Upon moving in on the suspected bed site the deer got up and slowly moved off, we backed out. Next day at noon we went out and found the deer right where we had last seen it, still warm and not stiff. Won't say we did it right or wrong, just an experience to chew on. LONLON

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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: Trailing Gut-Shot Deer

Postby texsalerno » Fri May 27, 2011 9:06 pm

Not every shot in the field goes as expected.

I have hunted archery tackle for 36 seasons.I have trailed less than 1/2 dozen gut-shot deer.The waiting game always seems to work and the trailing right away game fails. The stamina of a white-tailed deer is incredible.Literally can take you for miles if you try to trail and jump shoot them.Let them bed come back a few hours later.Usually nearby and dead.

Only drawback today is the coyotes get on them fast.Just accept it as the way it is and is the way it's going to be.Personally I don't eat the meat of a deer that has been torn to shred by coyotes. They tracked it and killed it they can eat it,but if I get a shot at a brush wolf he is going to the hide stretching board.


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Re: Dan's Question of the Week: Trailing Gut-Shot Deer

Postby bmorris » Sun May 29, 2011 10:53 pm

Outside of waiting as long as your situation allows there are too many other factors that need to be made to really answer this question.
Location of where you are hunting.
Your observation of exactly where the hit was.
Reaction of the deer helps
Your observation of the kind of trail left ie color of blood

too many to list here


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