Stangest stand Site or Set up you've ever been Successful from

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passin through
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Stangest stand Site or Set up you've ever been Successful from

Postby passin through » Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:39 am

I thought this might be interesting to kick around the campfire.  Whats the oddest set up you've ever used to be successful in a hunt?  I watched a lady on cabelas  TV last night kill a buck with a bow from a tripod stand.  I thought that was cool.  My dads biggest deer stand was one of our poultry houses. (40 x 440ft)  he sat in the back of the house overlooking our catch pasture and killed a nice young buck.... shooting through the fins of one of the 42 inch exahaust fans.  I've never really done much I would consider out of the box or odd.  But this is mainly a story line thread so ......

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RE: Stangest stand Site or Set up you've ever been Successful from

Postby howhill1 » Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:47 am

killed my first buck out of a stand 30 yds behind the cabin on our property. ive killed deer while others down at the cabin whoopin it up car doors slammin etc. always found that a lil wild.
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RE: Stangest stand Site or Set up you've ever been Successful from

Postby JPH » Fri Aug 01, 2008 5:05 am

I was slowly walking through the timber with my stand on my back, looking to relocate it. It was mid-November, mid-morning so I blew my grunt call a few times and stayed alert. Suddenly I spotted a wide rack moving in my direction. With no time to think, I ducked into a thicket of multi-flower rose. I hit the call once more and he turned down a trail right to me. I crouched and knocked an arrow and waited until he was danger close. Then I rose to standing and drew in one motion. He froze at 8 yds. and I released right into his vitals! I still had my stand on my back when I collapsed back into the thorns with shaky hands.
He ended up being a 210 lb., 126", 9-point with a 21" spread.

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RE: Stangest stand Site or Set up you've ever been Successful from

Postby allthingshunting » Fri Aug 01, 2008 5:58 am

the stangest for me would have to be one of the many spots we used to hunt in MD.  Many of these locations were so close to existing highways that the only thing you could hear all day was the vehicles.  I mean whole flocks of geese were muffled-out because of this traffic.
Once I got past the noise, despite being in the woods, they were some of the most productive places I ever hunted.  It is truly a testimonial to how adaptive and accomodating whitetail deer have become.
Unfortunately, every one of these spots is now a housing development.  I can literally drive around carroll, frederick, and montgomery counties and show you at least 15 locations where i killed deer and now it is a backyard and swing set.  Kinda hard to take, but what can you do?

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RE: Stangest stand Site or Set up you've ever been Successful from

Postby shaman » Sat Aug 02, 2008 7:53 am

That one is easy.  Back in '98 I was hunting on the first Sunday of bow season in Ohio.  It had rained for 48 hours straight, and I'd stayed out of the woods on Saturday.  The rain let up at 0300, and I was on the road at 0400. 

I was hunting a stand site where two streams met  and then flowed on at a right angle, forming a T.  I had a stand up in the left corner of the T on a bank with about 10 feet of elevation above the actual creek bottom.

For some reason, I got twisted around and lost-- not big time lost, just turned around a bit.  Rather than stumble through the woods, I set up on the ground and waited for the sun to come up.  As soon as it got light, I realized I was only ten yards from the stand. However, I was well placed, and I decided to stay and hunt from where I was.  I had a 4X6 diecut blind and a stool with me. I blinded myself in and waited.

Along about 8, I had a sudden and overwhelming call of nature, and I left my blind and went down to the creek bottom to relieve myself.   While transacting business, a herd of deer came through, and they spooked and ran back up the left branch. Oh well.  I stopped by the stand site, and examined it briefly and then went back to my blind.  I had pretty well given up hope after seeing the 8 deer flee back up the creek.

About twenty minutes later, the herd that had seen me with my pants down came back.  My situation was this:  I had two 6 inch trees about 6 feet apart. I had the blind strung between  them about 5 feet high. The deer showed up travelling along the axis of the blind and well behind me. I was only concealed by the width of the tree.  The whole herd came at me.  I came to full draw with one doe fully broadside to the bline and less than  3 feet away.  I had a perfect brisket shot at a trailing does less than 10 yards further back. I took the shot, and the deer scattered in my direction, running dangerously close to me.  I would have fallen over, except  I fell back against the other tree.  It took about an hour to find the deer, which had run out into tall grass and expired as the shaft kept catching on the weeds and working it around the inside the chest.  I had missed the buttons on his head.
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RE: Stangest stand Site or Set up you've ever been Successful from

Postby GTOHunter » Sun Aug 03, 2008 2:55 pm

One year I didn't have a stand set up any where on the Farm and all the Brother In-laws were scattered out in the lower fields so I decided to put a bucket out in the middle of a long mowed path in the middle of our CRP Field where I saw deer crossing at both ends.I sat on the bucket on the first cold frosty morning of Deer Season after about 45 minutes of daylight I heard deer fighting in the thick woods in front of me when suddenly a nice Buck walk straight out of the woods with his head down slowly making his way through the tall grass and he crossed the mowed path about 30 yards to my left...I put the cross-hairs of my Remington 30-06 on his front side,pulled the trigger and he jumped and ran about 40 yards and dropped! 

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RE: Stangest stand Site or Set up you've ever been Successful from

Postby RNC » Mon Aug 11, 2008 5:57 am

A few years ago after raking the leaves off the yard at the cabin we noticed that the deer came in the yard and hammered the newly dropped acorns. I ended up digging out a whole in the largest pile of leaves we dumped in the woods and took a doe on the way in to feed on the acorns.

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RE: Stangest stand Site or Set up you've ever been Successful from

Postby wannabehuntin » Sat Aug 16, 2008 10:40 am

It wasn't a stand or setup exactly, but my uncle and I used to hunt in South Texas growing up, and he had the call of nature hit him so he got down from his shooting house and was doing his business when the biggest buck he has ever shot came out at 25 yrds and didn't even notice him squatting there with his britches down so he eases over grabs his gun and shoots this 13pt.  The recoil of course knocks him off balance and as you can imagine he fell right into it, but he got his buck.  He never did live that hunt down.  

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