When buying a new bow....

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RE: When buying a new bow....

Postby wack » Fri Aug 01, 2008 11:26 am

Being a lefty kind of sucks. Can't go to any bow shop and shoot as many bows as are available to right handers, plus the lefties always get to the stores a month after the new right handed models come. When I can compare 2 or more bows side by side, I don't want to know the make, model, price. Hand me a bow and see how it feels. One bow always stands out, and it has never been the most expensive one or the fastest one. The one that feels the best, easiest to draw, easiest to hold, and quiet is always good.
 Hopefully I'll get a chance to go shoot a Parker BlackHawk side by side with a PSE XForce dream season.


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