Texas man smuggles illinois deer!

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Texas man smuggles illinois deer!

Postby jonny5buck » Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:45 am

In probably the most disturbing thing i have read so far,a Texas deer breeder,pleaded guilty to smuggling at least 37 whitetail deer from Illinois,Indiana,and Ohio...he has given up over 1,300 straws of frozen deer semen valued at aprox. 961,500-- :o

He has agreed to pay a 1 million dollar fine as well as 500,000 to the texas Parks and wildlife dept.--

Deer breed for what??? is this what has become of hunting??? you can pick out your deer by its genetic code..??? now they are, and have been making deer just for the shmuck who doesnt get it and couldnt kill a deer if his life depended on it,,,but because he's loaded with cash and there is a demand for it,you can come by ol texas breeder farm and pick out the buck you want to kill???

Whats going on people??? this is not only not natural in any way shape or form,but disgusts me to the core if they are bred for slaughter,its not cattle ....i could care less what anyone says about if its legal you should support it...give me a damn break!!!....if you think high fence breeder farms for deer are ok dont even respond to this topic...we will never see eye to eye....what have so many become really????

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Re: Texas man smuggles illinois deer!

Postby Ohio farms » Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:06 pm

Another thing that it all says is that there is BIG money there. Greed, no ethics and money = Big Trouble.
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Re: Texas man smuggles illinois deer!

Postby Woods Walker » Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:57 am

This is what I call "lobster tank" type hunting, where you choose the deer you want to kill just like you'd choose a lobster from the restaurant tank.

This is also why the whole concept of B&C and P&Y will soon become irrelevant in the not too distant furture, because there's no way to tell what's a "wild" deer and what's livestock raised for slaughter.

Welcome to the future, where the most important skill a "big buck" hunter can have is a fat checkbook.
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Re: Texas man smuggles illinois deer!

Postby EatDeer » Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:32 pm

Some people dont give a crap about whats right or wrong...they just want money. Deer hunting isnt about anything else besides cash for todays hunters. Hunting isnt what it used to be, and in decade its going to be even worse.

Maybe the best thing that could happen to deer hunting would be a new deer herd thining disease.

Hunters didnt do all this cash for deers [bologna] back in the 80's when the deer werent so populated.

Makes me sick that normal people think we're all losers because of these types of [jerks].
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Re: Texas man smuggles illinois deer!

Postby DeerCamp » Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:16 am

Sick! Althought this is more common than you think.. These people do this stuff all the time, its not about the enjoyment of hunting for them its about a buck they can make. (And im not talking about the deer either.) Here's a website I found a while back that you can buy the deer's sem&n http://www.dreamwhitetails.com/wdb/semen.htm as you can see this stuff is very expensive. I was shocked when I found such a site, but not find it very common. I dont agree with it one bit, these deer dont even look healthy. And why on God's green earth would anyone want one of these deer heads on their wall?! I hope that link doesnt offend anyone, it was just to show how expensive that stuff is and the greed for money that comes along with it.

Hunting just isnt what it use to be. I hear all these "pros" lets get new hunters lets get more people in the outdoors. I for one dont want that if these are the kind of people that are coming into our woods. Heck you cant even leave a trail camera unlocked on your own property anymore. That just goes to show you how some of these people are. Now Im not saying everyone is, as there are some real great people out there. In fact I have had a guy drive by my blazer while in a 4-wheeler, he noticed I was stuck and stoped to help. He got me out, and if it wasnt for him I would still be there today. Thats the kind of hunter I want in the woods with me.
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