How do you manage your trail cam pics?

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retch sweeny
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How do you manage your trail cam pics?

Postby retch sweeny » Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:08 am

Years ago I bought a 35mm trail cam but only used it in my back yard. I never took it into the hunting woods because of all the noise related with advancing and rewinding the film and the constant attention it would need to replace film (I live 3 hours from where I hunt) On June 25, put out 2 digital trail cams in two spots with intersecting trails. I was up north for a family funeral on Saturday so I swapped memory cards and put new batteries in even though the existing ones were only ½ drained.

One had 222 pics and the other had 103 pics over the 16 days. There were 9 diff bucks from spikes to a 9 point, a few does and only one fawn. Now for the question.

What software or web tools are you using to manage your pictures? I created an excel spreadsheet with time (in 15 minute intervals) along one axis and date along the other axis. In each cell, I list the number of pics taken and notes as well as daytime and nighttime pics so I can sort on activity but this is a pretty clumsy setup. Is there some picture management software that others use? My plan is to only check the cams once a month as the advertised battery life and the month long test in my back yard show the batteries will last a month in warm weather.

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Re: How do you manage your trail cam pics?

Postby bmstaaf » Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:27 am

I just simply make folders on my desktop, the main folder will be 2011 then I break them up in to specific labels.. for instance I throw doe in one folder small bucks in another and shooters in another. When it comes to day and night pictures I don't bother placing them in another folder only because you never know when they will thing that I do as a side note is write down wind directions through the weather channel online history , noon phases and precipitation for the day...I've always noticed on one particular property if we get more than an inch of rain, 95% of the time I am going to have numerous big buck photos...due to the fact its so east to move photos around on the computer i don't use any type of program...once my photos reach the computer the SD cards are erased and ready to be switched out.. with the photos already having a time and date I am covered on all factors...just an idea on the property I hunt I've noticed that moon phases don't play a big impact its the rain and fronts that get them on their feet... I don't jbow how computer literate you are but all you do is create a folder and drag pictures, its a piece of cake...

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Re: How do you manage your trail cam pics?

Postby jbekes » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:59 am

I do the same sort of thing. I separate mine by the month that they are taken and then I will also copy shooter bucks and place them in another folder and group them by year. That way it is easy to find whatever you want to see. Also it is easy to compare bucks year to year.
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