Question for Dan - Providing Support for products you sell.

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Question for Dan - Providing Support for products you sell.

Postby bmorris » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:06 pm

Is it proper for D&DH to endorse and advertise for products they sell on line ? Aren't you endorsing the companies advertising claims whether they are true or not ? In light of the recent article in a competing magazine that seriously challenged the effectiveness of carbon to reduce the ability of an animal to smell human odor. Why doesn't D&DH run the same test for its readers ? Does D&DH support these test results ? This is essential in advertising in scent control. Scott Bestul is a contributer to Field and Stream and even used sprays in the test and they too had no noticable reduction of the ability of an animal to smell human odor. It is interesting that magazines seem to be more concerned with the bottom line rather then trying to determine if a product actual works as claimed.

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Re: Question for Dan - Providing Support for products you se

Postby Schmidt » Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:17 pm

Hi Al,

All of the products that I have personally endorsed are ones that I firmly believe in. That is why we have started the "Dan's Picks," etc., reviews in our weekly newsletters. This was actually done at the advice of my bosses. They told me to pick items that I have used and liked, regardless of whether those companies advertise, and report on them. I have been trying to provide at least one product review a week. Jacob Edson is doing the same. We hope these picks have helped everyone make up their own minds in their buying decisions. We aren't saying these are the only products that work; we are simply saying that we have personally used them and have found them to be worthy of mentioning. They are the same products that I refer to my family and friends. As far as activated carbon goes, I am a firm believer in this technology. Have been since 1995. All I know is that since I started using it, my success rate has skyrocketed; and many of those years I was hunting public land here in Wisconsin ... very tough whitetail to outsmart!

We have had some articles on effectiveness in past issues of DDH (including one called "Scent Sprays: Do They Really Work?") where we have analyzed the effectiveness of various products. However, your idea to include more such reviews is a good one that I will consider as we move forward with our editorial planning.

Thanks much for your input and support of D&DH.

My best,

Dan Schmidt

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