Free Ted Nugent Download

To commemorate the launch of our Deer Talk Now live hunting webcast where our first guest was legendary Ted Nugent, we’re giving away a free download of DDHTV Season 6: Episode 9, Is It Right? Legal Vs. Ethical featuring the Motor City Madman! Get it while it’s free before May 27th.

Baiting? Property line treestand placement? Shining? These are just a few of the topics Charlie Alsheimer, Dan Schmidt and the D&DH crew discuss in this controversial episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV. In what is sure to spark some discussion, Ted Nugent stops by to share his views. Then, Vital information and why you can’t put a big buck on the ground.
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If you missed the first show we’ve posted the replay for you where our pal Ted Nugent spent more than 30 minutes discussing everything from his passion for hunting and the United States to his arrests and how he believes he’s being targeted.

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