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David Harris giant buck never seen again

Summer Bucks, Moose On Camera!

When things heat up in summer you never know what might show up on the game cameras! Check out these bucks, does, moose and critters, and be sure to add to your wildlife survey data with great cameras. If you don’t have cameras on your property then you don’t have as much information about...

Mark Drury's camera caught this trespasser. The face has been blurred. Game cameras placed in strategic locations high in trees, at angles, or hidden well, may offer landowners a great benefit to catch trespassers and poachers.

Trespassers, Poachers Caught On Game Cameras

Back a few years ago when game cameras started becoming more popular, manufacturers began hearing stories about getting photos of trespassers, poachers and other slimebag criminals stealing stuff. By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor Some of the stories were comical. Trespassers looking directly at the camera but not realizing it was there, giving the landowner...

Whitetail Deer

Arkansas Deer Management Proves Successful

Charles Self has a ready answer for deer hunters who complain that the south Arkansas or Zone 12 season limit of six is too many. “Take a drive after dark on any of the roads down here. You’ll see why we need to take out more deer.” Deer-vehicle collisions are common in Self’s area,...