giant antlers

Deer have incredible senses that alert them to danger, aid in reproduction and help them locate food sources. Learning more about whitetail behavior can help you score this season.

Watch These Secrets Of Giant Midwest White-tailed Bucks

Big bucks are in the back of every hunter’s mind this time of year. On this week’s new episode of Destination Whitetail – airing Wednesday on the Sportsman Channel – our team travels to the Midwest to investigate what makes the region hot for big bucks. Tagging a big buck is a tremendous accomplishment for...

Danny Dillard of Easley with three of his record book South Carolina bucks.

Record Book Whitetail Bucks are Head-Turners

For only the fourth time in 15 years, whitetail deer hunters in South Carolina can find out about state records through the complete listing from the state’s wildlife agency. The complete listing of South Carolina’s antler records is now available to the public online at this link on the S.C. Department of Natural Resources...


Proof that Ozone Generators Work

Ozonics is helping hunters with scent containment, and here are some great whitetails sent in by successful buck hunters! Be sure to check out Ozonics at for more info and photos.