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The Facts and Truth About Culling Bucks

Culling is the selective removal of presumably inferior deer in order to improve the quality of the remaining population. Among whitetails, the culling harvest strategy generally involves targeting those bucks with inferior antlers for removal to improve overall antler quality of those left to do the breeding and for harvest at an older age....

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Deer Talk Now: Scoring Your Biggest Bucks

In this super episode of Deer Talk Now, host Dan Schmidt discusses scoring antlers with two official measurers of Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young whitetails: David Morris of Oregon and Sam Wilkins of Washington. Both men are highly experienced antler-scorers and big-buck fanatics. In this show, they and Dan sit down at...

Buck that Marc Anthony said he killed in Illinois in 2010.

Ghillie Suit Hunter Marc Anthony Sidesteps Fraud Claims

A well-known outdoors writer and hunting industry personality has been dismissed of his position from the Illinois Whitetail Alliance and has stated that he will completely step away from the hunting industry. These developments come after he was accused of misrepresenting a deer he shot a few seasons ago. by Daniel E. Schmidt Marc...