giant whitetail deer

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WATCH: Giant Mature Iowa Whitetail Hits the Dirt

NAP prostaffer Eric Luster puts a monster buck on the ground in Iowa with his Killzone broadhead and Elite bow, and it’s definitely an “OMG!” whitetail, as the kids might say, that you must see! Luster sets up in a solid stand location, and although the wind gives him some fits he’s able to...

Freakishly Gigantic Buck

Freakish Gigantic Buck: Do You Think This is Fenced or Free Range?

This is one gigantic buck with width and mass and droptines! It definitely is a beast. Deer this large have several things going for them including genetics, a wonderful supply of forage and usually little to no hunting pressure. Bucks this big wandering around during the day definitely are comfortable in their surroundings. It...


WATCH: Bowhunter Zaps 150-Class Brusier on Camera

Dave Bogart was fired up after spotting a giant 10-point Illinois whitetail last October on game camera photos, and his game plan came together for a shot at the monster! Bogart said the bruiser buck was feeding on some acorns near a bean field. He set up about 30 yards away and got a...