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Grow ’em Big is a new deer management show hosted by Steve Bartylla and will run bi-weekly. The info-packed show will provide top-end management techniques Bartylla has honed during his 25-plus years of managing some of North America’s premier deer hunting properties. The end result is a show designed to make your deer hunting easier through proven and efficient land-management practices.

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  • About This Blog The Deer & Deer Hunting staff has used a lot of gear, but what stood out? You’ll find that and more on this blog. Subscribe to posts via RSS.
  • About This Blog I hope that my meditations on natural resources will offer an escape for hunters pushing back against some modern trends in deer hunting. – Jacob Edson, D&DH managing editor Subscribe to posts via RSS.
  • About This Blog The key to hunting big bucks at any time of the season usually begins and ends with prudent scouting and meticulous notes. Want to kill the biggest buck of your life this fall? Take some time to analyze last year’s hunting logs or, at the minimum, try to pinpoint the travel routes bucks used most ...
  • Acorns Rule, But Don’t Overlook Other Forest Deer Candy Acorns, persimmons and other mast are the candy of the forest that deer and deer hunters seek each autumn.
  • On the Road, Promoting the American Outdoor Lifestyle Ted Nugent is on the road 60-65 days a year doing concerts, outdoors shows and promotional events, but he’s bowhunting for deer and other critters the rest of the year!
  • Watch Deer & Deer Hunting’s Saturday Night Deer Camp on Pursuit Channel! Deer & Deer Hunting’s Saturday Night Deer Camp, exclusively on Pursuit Channel, features great deer hunting tips, gear, strategy, hunts and much more.
  • A Whitetail Handgun That’s Bad to the Bone The Smith & Wesson .460 Magnum has awesome power and accuracy for deer hunters looking for a challenge.
  • Hot Gear: Portable Shooting Bench Perfect for the Range Summer is the best time to make sure your old riflescope is dialed in or get any new optics zeroed so you’ll be ready on opening day. That doesn’t mean just rifles, handguns or muzzleloaders, of course. Deer hunters who prefer crossbows darn sure need to make certain their scope is grouping arrows at different yardages. ...
  • How a Drop-Away Arrow Rest Helps Your Bowhunting A drop-away arrow rest may be exactly what you need to improve your shooting and help you become a better bowhunter.
  • New ‘Saturday Night Deer Camp’ Highlights What Makes Hunting Great Exciting news continues to roll in for deer hunters and opportunities to watch great shows! Starting on Saturday, July 1, Deer & Deer Hunting is inviting you to our new Saturday Night Deer Camp only on Pursuit Channel. Saturday Night Deer Camp is a primetime block of shows kicked off each week with the award-winning Deer ...
  • Redneck Blinds Partners with Troy Landry Redneck Blinds has partnered with Troy Landry and is giving away a late-summer alligator hunt with him in Louisiana.
  • Hot Gear: There’s a Styrka Riflescope for Every Hunt With nearly two dozen scope models, in three separate product lines, Styrka has the scope just right for you and your hunting needs.  The top-of-the-line Styrka S7 Series Riflescopes feature Styrka’s proprietary SXL-MAX multi-coating for increased light transmission-better light enhances the contrast and resolution for sharper, more detailed images. Constructed of one-piece, 30mm aircraft-grade aluminum for ...
  • 5 Tricks for Success When Teaming Up on Whitetails In many ways, whitetail hunting is a solitary game. At least, that’s the way we make it these days. Sure, deer camp with people who matter to us is an important part of the gun hunting experience. But how much do we really share? Certainly, the joys of camp life. As for the hunt, our collective ...
  • Hot Gear: Check All Cameras on One with CuddeLink System Trail cameras changed the game for hunters, finally providing a way to keep tabs on even the most elusive and nocturnal of bucks. Since their introduction more than 25 years ago, however, trail cameras haven’t changed much. Sure, they’ve transitioned from film to digital and from whiteflash to IR But their overall function and capabilities have ...
  • This Super Guacamole Kicks Up Your Tasty Venison Burgers This is perhaps my favorite time of the year, other than during hunting season, because everything here in the Southeast is pretty much at full-bore throttle going wide open. School is out so the kids are playing, swimming, biking, fishing, getting muddy in creeks, staying up late and sleeping in, having fun and being kids. I’ve ...
  • 4 Great Tips to Protect Your First Summer Seedlings Planting seedlings and raising them to become trees can be a rewarding experience. Seasoned tree planters will tell you getting them through the heat and drought of their first summer is the biggest obstacle. The following are some tips for first summer success. Protection: First and foremost, put tree protectors, or tree tubes, around each and every ...
  • Lessons Shared Lessons Learned On tour and rocking out, Ted Nugent remains an apex predator, keeping his hunting skills razor sharp.
  • Hot Gear: Go Old School with Cool Limited Edition Binoculars Nikon is pleased to announce a special 100th Anniversary Edition of the esteemed 8×30 EII binocular as part of its celebration of a century of optics-making experience. This limited edition model offers all of the performance aspects of the Nikon EII together with enhanced features, specifications — and limited production of 400 units worldwide — that will ...
  • Topping is for Ice Cream, But Not Your Valuable Trees Trees are invaluable for deer hunters, whether we’re hunting from them in stands or creating new mast areas or even trimming their limbs to create mock scrapes and licking branches. Without trees, of course, we’d just have barren landscapes and what fun would that be? No treehouses as kids, no firewood for winter, no tire swings ...
  • Hot Gear: Big&J Loaded with Healthy Protein for Deer BIG&J, makers of the world’s most effective long-range attractants and supplements, is the real deal when it comes to pulling in bucks. Instead of focusing on fancy packaging with neon colors and pictures of giant deer, BIG&J supplements rely on quality ingredients and a proprietary refining process that creates a strong aroma that draws deer ...
  • Iowa Supreme Court Rules Against DNR Quarantine for CWD The Iowa Supreme Court has upheld a lower ruling against the Iowa Department of Natural Resources after the DNR’s quarantine of a hunting reserve where chronic wasting disease was discovered was challenged by the reserve’s owners. Tom and Ronda Brakke and McBra, Inc., owners of the former Pine Ridge Hunting Lodge in Bloomfield, Iowa, filed suit ...
  • Dad Makes Knife for His Deer Hunter Daughter Ten-year-old Jordan Toerck had been pestering her knifemaker father, Bobby Toerck, to make her a knife for a while. But she was still young, so Bobby held her off. He promised to make her a knife when she got her first deer. In January, she did just that. True to his word, Dad made a knife ...
  • Deer Harvest Stats You Should Know   If the past several winters have taught us anything, it should be that habitat is the trump card in any discussion on white-tailed deer management. It should teach us all that, but it won’t. Warm weather has returned, and we’re back to squabbling about antler restrictions, doe tags and other nonsense. For those living in the ...

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