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Ted doesn't back down from a good debate or fight about hunting and America!

Ted Nugent: Don’t Jump to Conclusions

This is going to be a very painful NugeBlog for me to write, and like the well deserved constructive criticism and downright condemnation due our current corrupt president and much of our power abusing US government, it pains me deeply to have to say what I am about to say. But alas, the truth must...

Captive deer would have been reclassified as livestock under a bill that was vetoed by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon. Missouri's legislature failed to override the veto by one vote.

Pope and Young Rips High-Fence Deer Hunting Operations

With attention growing about captive deer and elk, high fences, diseases and ethical questions, hunters throughout the country are expressing opinions for and against “captive” cervids and their place in the hunting world. The Pope and Young Club recently issued a statement on the situation in regard to deer hunting, hunting other species, and...