how to call deer

Jerry Peterson has pursued deer, predators and turkeys for decades yet always learns something when he goes in the woods.

Deer Talk Now: Best Tips to Fill Your Freezer This Week

Are you still out of deer meat with the season in full tilt and an empty freezer just waiting to be filled before the holidays? You’re hearing that freezer whispering to you, “Dude, c’mon. Get going and kill some deer!” Part of that deer hunting experience even late in the season, whether it’s post-rut in the Midwest...

D&DH Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt dropped this cool buck with a shotgun slug, which is a whole different discussion when it comes to which one folks like best!

The Best Deer Call That Does It All

Whether you’re hunting for a trophy buck or merely to fill the freezer FAST, there’s no better way than to take matters into your own hands with an aggressive hunting approach. Deer & Deer Hunting’s editor-in-chief explains why he prefers doe bleats — especially early in the hunting season. By Daniel E. Schmidt There...