how to cook deer meat

Engel Deep Blue cooler

With the Best Cooler, Your Venison Will be Fresher

Last year when I was preparing to drive west for a deer hunting trip to Kansas, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to bring home my buck to enjoy the delicious meat. Fortunately I was able to kill a nice buck, as did the rest of our crew. It had a big body...

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Fantastic Venison Burgers with a Spicy Zing!

Stacy Harris, one of our favorite authors and outdoors supporters, dropped us a note about a super venison burger dish she makes that has a little extra kick to it. Harris whips up great venison dishes each year along with lip-smacking meals with fresh veggies and fruit from the family gardens. She’s always interested...

Once you put your venison on the grill or smoker, don't overcook it!

Grilling Deer? Once You Burn, There’s No Return!

Many years ago during a cookout with family members, I pretty much stood over the grill to make sure my steak didn’t end up looking like the sole of a worn-out hunting boot. Fortunately, the host shared my desire for a marbled ribeye the way they’re supposed to be prepared: seared on the outside...