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Reading Clues From Your Arrow Before Tracking Your Deer

So, you’ve made what you believe is a good, ethical shot on a buck or doe and then you watched it take off through the woods like you have before. Or maybe it’s your first deer with a bow and you’re so geeked you can’t stand it. Salute! But in either case, getting down...


Late-Season Tactics The Focus On Final Deer Talk Now for 2012

It’s cold up north, but deer season is rockin’ right along in the Southeast and Southwest with about 10 more weeks remaining in the season! So what late-season tactics might work best? Staying in the woods or travel routes? Sitting over open areas where bucks will be chasing hot does? What’s the best way...

Charlie Alsheimer killed this great buck on Nov. 17 as it "dog-trotted" two does around a food plot.

The Northern Whitetail Rut: Where We Stand

  Rut prediction analysis and hunting tips for the remainder of the season. By Charles Alsheimer   I received an email two nights ago from Wayne Laroche (he’s hunting in northern Maine) asking for my assessment of this year’s rut — specifically he wanted to know if I thought the majority of the breeding...

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Guide To Big Bucks: Rules Of The Rut

There’s nothing quite like the whitetail rut. The crisp weather. The invigorating woodland sounds and aromas. The sight of a thick-necked buck cruising through a timbered draw. By John Trout Jr. As a diehard bow-hunter, I’ve cherished every rut-time hunt I’ve experienced for the past five-plus decades. Last year was no different … with...

Steve Bartylla has some of the best deer hunting tips for land and whitetail management, stand placement and more in his new book, Big Buck Secrets.

Deer Talk Now: Bartylla Says Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Veteran deer hunter Steve Bartylla offered some great advice about hunting pre-rut bucks and thinking outside the box when it comes to your hunting. How’s that? Well, if you want to try a new food plot somewhere or hang some stands in that “what if …” place, do it. What’s the worst that can...


State Offers Multiple Youth Hunts

Ohio’s youth hunters will have several opportunities to learn and improve their hunting skills this fall. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife offers many ways for families to hunt together and create lasting traditions in the state’s outdoors. White-tailed deer: A youth deer-gun season will be open statewide, Nov. 17-18. Hunters...


Deer Talk Now: Scrape Secrets

Curious about mock scrapes and how to use preorbital lure at them? Check the latest Deer Talk Now webcast with Deer & Deer Hunting publisher Brad Rucks and Brian Lovett of Turkey & Turkey Hunting as they welcome mock scrape expert Steve Sorensen.