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Deer Talk Now: What Deer Hunters Can Learn From Trappers

Tom Miranda has hunted big game animals around the world, literally on multiple continents and in some of the toughest conditions, but he got his start as an outdoorsman many years ago as a trapper. With the knowledge Miranda gained from studying animals’ travel routes, escape routes, how they approached his trap sets, how...


Don’t Be Afraid of Grunting for Your Bucks

Mature whitetail bucks can be frustratingly elusive because of their stealth and unpredictability during much of the hunting season. Fortunately during the rut, many bucks slip out of that mold and shift to a bold and boisterous attitude. They will even announce their presence with a variety of vocalizations. The growl is one of...

This buck in north-central Wisconsin was caught on camera checking a scrape doctored with Smokey's Preorbital Gland Lure. Bucks will check rubs and scrapes — their signposts — throughout the season.

Get Ready for the Rut Now, Then Capitalize

The peak of the rut is hitting in some parts of the country and a few reports are trickling in about scraping activity in the Southeast, meaning it won’t be long there before it’s hitting full speed. Whether you’re a gun or bow hunter, doctoring an existing scrape or making a mock scrape with...