hunting the rut

Louisiana, Mississippi Whopper Whitetails

Wild, Crazy, Varied Rut Boiled Down to These Best Dates

If you grow up hunting deer and hearing about “the rut” then you know, or should know, that it’s not always an absolute, exact, specific period of dates when the exciting peak phase occurs. By peak I mean that chasing and breeding phase when we’re in the woods or fields seeing bucks nose-down on...

Lunar Rut

Lunar Rut Predictions + 5 Things that Shut Down the Rut

Rut Predictions: When Bucks Will Go Wild! Deer & Deer Hunting’s annual rut prediction and analysis from Charlie Alsheimer and Wayne Laroche. In its 15th year, this research project is aimed at accurately predicting the whitetails annual rut activity with the moon phase. Just what do you believe about the moon and how it...