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Start ‘Em Young!

Ahhhh… if it isn’t my effervescent, ultraFUN NugeBlog #40 right here right now at! Like my one of many lovesongs over so many years clearly illustrates, “I Won’t Go Away!” By Ted Nugent And why should I? If you’re not having fun with me, well, you’re weird. My life is so much fun...

Ted Nugent

Life Should Be a Series of Bullseyes

God I love my life! Never a dull moment I assure you. Still recuperating from and wallowing in the over the top happiness from the highest of highs of the greatest hunting season of my life, and continually testing myself each day with post double knee replacement surgery pain management, (OUCH!) I am now...

Mathews Creed, in camouflage, sports a 30-inch axle-to-axle height and 7-inch brace height for speed and accuracy.


  SPARTA, Wis. – Mathews introduces three new models for 2013 designed with the discriminating archer in mind! The Mathews Solocam Creed is the signature bow offered and is fueled by an all new high-performance SimPlex Cam. The McPherson Series Monster Chill is outfitted with an enhanced dual cam system evolved from the proven...