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INNOVATION Elite Archery compound bow for 729

D+DH Innovation Zone: Elite Archery Impulse 31 and 34

An inside look at the new Impulse 34 and Impulse 31 bows from Elite Archery with archery shop pro Dan Bloch from Archery Country. Both bows are built for whitetail deer hunters. Learn more about the specs in this week’s Innovation Zone video. D+DH Innovation Zone, Season 1, Episode 35. Original air date: July...

INNOVATION  Solid Broadheads

D+DH Innovation Zone: Legend Series 100-Grain Solid Broadheads

Daniel Schmidt and the Deer & Deer Hunting Innovation Zone take a closer look the the Legend Series of bowhunting heads from Solid Broadheads. This is a 100-grain model with an integrated steel tip and 20-degree Samurai-style curved blades. D+DH Innovation Zone, Season 1, Episode 36. Original air date: Aug. 5, 2016. Solid Broadheads....

INNOVATION  Winners choice bowstrings

D+DH Innovation Zone: Winner’s Choice Bowstrings

This week we take a look at Winner’s Choice premium bowstrings. They are made of the very best materials available and built using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. The result is a bowstring that is second-to-none when it comes to durability and performance. Deer & Deer Hunting’s Daniel Schmidt explains why increasingly more bowhunters are switching to...

INNOVATION Duel Grunt Call

DDH Innovation Zone: Stretchback Grunt Call by Duel Game Calls

The Deer & Deer Hunting Innovation Zone takes a closer look at the Stretchback Grunt Call from Duel Game Calls. This freeze-free design is built to last and can mimic sounds from old bucks to does to fawns. D&DH Editor in Chief Daniel Schmidt explains the functions of this grunt call that creates realistic...

Innovation Hornady American Gunner

D+DH Innovation Zone: Hornady American Gunner

Exclusive insights into the most innovative products for deer hunters. Neal Emery with Hornady gives us a look at the new Hornady American Gunner ammunition. It’s great for hunting, practice and fun at the range, competition and home defense, with plenty of options for calibers and grain sizes. From the producers of Deer &...

INNOVATION Mossberg MMR Carbine

D+DH Innovation Zone: Mossberg MMR Carbine

Exclusive insights into the most innovative products for deer hunters. Linda Powell with Mossberg explains the cool new Mossberg MMR Carbine rifle. It’s great for hunting, competition and home defense, with plenty of options for accessories. It comes with a free-floating barrel, direct-impingement gas system, adjustable target sights and more. From the producers of Deer...

INNOVATION  Delta McKenzie Mo Foam target

D+DH Innovation Zone: Delta McKenzie Mo’ Foam Archery Target

The best archery targets take a ripping and keep on ticking! That’s the case with the new Mo’ Foam Shot Blocker target from Delta McKenzie. Gary Cornum explains the differences in this cool all-everything target that takes everything (even broadheads!) and its competitors. D+DH Innovation Zone, Season 1, Episode 33. Original air date: July 15,...

INNOVATION  Lacrosse Burly

D+DH Innovation Zone: LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro

Exclusive insights into the most innovative products for deer hunters. Chris Currah with LaCrosse Footwear shows us the latest Alphaburly Pro boot with 800 grams of insulation. The Alphaburly is one of the most popular hunting boot and for good reason: tough, durable, warm and able to handle just about anything you throw at...


D+DH Innovation Zone: The Treestand WingMan

Exclusive insights into the most innovative products for deer hunters. Wayne and Shauna Bogardus with Black Ash Outdoor Products provide an exclusive look at a unique new harness system that will lower a hunter to the ground in the event of a fall from a tree stand. It works whether you’re conscious or unconscious, and...

INNOVATION  Summit Safety Harnesses

D+DH Innovation Zone: Summit Pro, Sport Harnesses

Exclusive insights into the most innovative products for deer hunters. Beth Jones with Pradco gives us the skinny on the new Summit Stands Pro and Sport safety harnesses. They’re designed for comfort and, most importantly, safety. Both are priced right, too, so you don’t have any reason whatsoever to not wear a safety harness....