Remember Forrest Gump’s pal Bubba explaining all the shrimp recipes during their funny scene in the movie, which ultimately led to Gump’s seafood restaurant?

We feel the same way about venison recipes! (But we’re not opening a restaurant.)

Braised Venison

Be sure to check out this delicious Braised Venison at for the recipe and others!

Grilled venison, ground venison, jerky, chili, venison tacos … oh, so many ways to prepare meals and snacks from our success in the field. There certainly is no shortage of recipes, cookbooks and tips for preparing and cooking venison, either!

Each week we try to offer a good recipe with our “Foodie Friday” posts, along with a good cookbook we think might be a bonus for your kitchen or camp. Each post is tagged so you can do a quick search on our site, but we’ve made things easier now with a dedicated page to find all the recipes and stories.

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