Beautiful Custom Rifles


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The Number Five rifle in the Safari Club International Guns of the Big Five series, the Leopard Rifle, is chambered for the 338 Winchester Magnum cartridge, and features the first of the Classic Model 70 actions, jointly developed by USRAC and David Miller Co., serial number G1. All the parts and pieces for this rifle, designed and crafted from the ground up as an open sighted rifle, were hand made in the Miller shop. The way Dave and Curt craft them, open sighted rifles are far more complicated and time- consuming to build than their scope-sighted counterparts. The wonderful engraving and gold inlay were executed by the late Lynton McKenzie. Photo by Manley Studios.

These rifles from the book Custom Rifles: Mastery of Wood & Metal by our sister publication Gun Digest are enough to make any gun geek drool!