Best Hunting Gear Innovations of 2012

GameVector 500

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This is a leftover from the Archery Trade Show, but it is so cool that I can’t leave it out of today’s report. Also new for this year is the GameVector 500 — a revolutionary new product designed to aid the bow-hunter in locating mortally wounded game when traditional tracking techniques fail. It consists of a miniature transmitter housed in a small ultra light, aerodynamic, totally balanced module, which is easily attached to the arrow. Upon Impact the transmitter module is released from the arrow and the unit starts to transmit. The hunter, using the compact receiver/antenna can find and recover the downed game. I’ve dabbled with similar products many years ago from now defunct companies. However, I will say this, from first glance, the GameVector 500 seems to be the real deal. I was so impressed with the design that I plan on field-testing this product this fall.