Best Hunting Gear Innovations of 2012

ThermaCELL heated insoles

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This is one of the coolest products I’ve seen in years, and I can’t wait to try it out in the woods on a deer stand. The older I get, the colder I get while spending long days on stand. And, although my Heater Body Suit, Under Armour clothing and high-tech Lorpen socks work wonders on most hunts, I still find my feet getting cold faster these past few years. I’ve tried everything from stuffing air-activated hand-warmers into my boots (clumsy), to wearing larger boots for more air circulation (clumsy, part two). These new insoles from ThermaCELL are wireless, rechargeable, durable and – best of all – remote-controlled! That’s right, use a remote control (the same size as a car “clicker”) to turn on the insoles and toggle back and forth between low and high temperatures. They are lightweight and do not have to be removed from the boots.