World-Class Buck Denied


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Boucher said knew he might be castigated by B&C for scoring the deer almost two years ago. After careful scrutiny, he said he believed both G-3s met the criteria to be scored as typical points, so he scored the rack as a typical 6-by-6. When he added up his numbers, he did a double-take. Incredibly, his figures tallied up a net typical score of 213-6/8 inches, beating Milo Hanson’s world-record score by 1/8 inch! (photo by Daniel E. Schmidt)

‘Biggest Buck Ever’ Killed Won’t Be Reviewed.

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2 thoughts on “World-Class Buck Denied

  1. rllarson

    I say we boycott B&C and anyone affiliated with them until they get some integrity and panel score it.
    but they will probably stack the deck against it anyways.

  2. Silver49

    B&C scorer Ron Boucher did the right and ethical thing on the King Buck. He should not be “castigated” or otherwise ostracized for reasonably following accepted standards and ethics. While the B&C administration has declined to accept Bouchard’s score and well as his reasons for how and why he justified his actions, this appears only to bring disrepute to the B&C and much credit to Mr. Bouchard. He should be running the B&C so a reasonably fair shake can be expected by all. Is it possible that intransigent bureaucrats are running the B&C, and it’s handling, or should I say apparent bungling, of the King Buck seems to go contrary to its mission statement.

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