World-Class Buck Denied


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Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club measurer Marlin Laidlaw later had the rack precisely measured by a laser-measuring device. Amazingly, all of the tines were found to be almost perfectly symmetrical from side to side as far as spacing is concerned, and both G-3 tines were found to be rising up off of the main beam at the same angle as most of the other typical tines. (photo by Daniel E. Schmidt)

‘Biggest Buck Ever’ Killed Won’t Be Reviewed.

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2 thoughts on “World-Class Buck Denied

  1. rllarson

    I say we boycott B&C and anyone affiliated with them until they get some integrity and panel score it.
    but they will probably stack the deck against it anyways.

  2. Silver49

    B&C scorer Ron Boucher did the right and ethical thing on the King Buck. He should not be “castigated” or otherwise ostracized for reasonably following accepted standards and ethics. While the B&C administration has declined to accept Bouchard’s score and well as his reasons for how and why he justified his actions, this appears only to bring disrepute to the B&C and much credit to Mr. Bouchard. He should be running the B&C so a reasonably fair shake can be expected by all. Is it possible that intransigent bureaucrats are running the B&C, and it’s handling, or should I say apparent bungling, of the King Buck seems to go contrary to its mission statement.

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