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DDH Hot Pick: Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag

Keep your hunting clothing and gear scent-free with the new Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag. This large duffel will hold your clothing, boots and gear between hunts and keep it all scent-free with a programmable ozone unit that destroys human scent. Take a look at this DDH Hot Pick as Dan Schmidt explains how...


DDH Innovation Zone: Swagger Bipods

Using a solid, steady rest when you’re shooting any firearm helps build your confidence and improves your success rate. In the heat of the moment when you’re watching a big buck having a great rest can reduce the chances of nervous shaking throwing off your shot. The Swagger Bipod is versatile, flexible and convenient....

INNOVATION Duel Grunt Call

DDH Innovation Zone: Stretchback Grunt Call by Duel Game Calls

The Deer & Deer Hunting Innovation Zone takes a closer look at the Stretchback Grunt Call from Duel Game Calls. This freeze-free design is built to last and can mimic sounds from old bucks to does to fawns. D&DH Editor in Chief Daniel Schmidt explains the functions of this grunt call that creates realistic...

Controlled burning is beneficial to woodlands and provides new growth for wildlife.

The Best Times for Prescribed Burn Habitat Management

There are two main times of the year when you can successfully conduct a prescribed burn: during the dormant and growing seasons. Dormant-season burns are often conducted during late winter when plants, trees and shrubs are not actively sending nutrients for new growth. Conversely, spring and summer burns can be conducted to kill more above-ground...


D+DH Innovation Zone: New Gloves, More from Huntworth Gear

Today’s Innovation Zone shines a light on the new all-weather gloves, mid-layers and lifestyle clothing from Huntworth Gear. Designed by hunters with years of experience, Huntworth apparel and gear has critical elements with great benefits. For example, the array of gloves from Huntworth includes features such as hook-and-loop fastening wrist cuffs, tactile grip palms...


Deer Hunting Hot Picks: Celestron FireCel 3-in-1 Handwarmer

A rechargeable hand warmer, flashlight and cell phone charger in one nifty tool! Check out the new FireCel from Celestron in today’s Hot Pick. FireCel features a two-temperature hand warmer, with both 110- and 130-degree settings, which will provide steady heat for up to 3 hours. Charge your smartphone, MP3 player, or other USB-powered...


Working Class Whitetails: Smokepole Giant in the Snow

Nick Herzberg says he’s never been a big muzzleloader guy but he was ready to go after a buck that got away from him during the earlier bow season. Although the smokepole can reach out, there were some tenuous moments when things didn’t look good. When the smoke cleared, it was all good! +++++...

INNOVATION  Delta McKenzie Mo Foam target

D+DH Innovation Zone: Delta McKenzie Mo’ Foam Archery Target

The best archery targets take a ripping and keep on ticking! That’s the case with the new Mo’ Foam Shot Blocker target from Delta McKenzie. Gary Cornum explains the differences in this cool all-everything target that takes everything (even broadheads!) and its competitors. D+DH Innovation Zone, Season 1, Episode 33. Original air date: July 15,...


Working Class Whitetails: Finding the Giant in the Dark

Tyler Gray had a super Iowa buck come within range on his hunt but did he make the best shot? Bowhunting can be tough, sometimes, and this hunt is one that put him on edge. Working Class Whitetails, Season 1 Episode 3. Originally published Oct. 14, 2016. Working Class Whitetails: Finding the Giant in...