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Turkey Season Bonus: The 7 Absolute-Musts for Success This Spring!

Got Birds? If your goal is to shoot a turkey, you’re only going to find success where there are birds — preferably decent numbers of them — to hunt. You can’t call in phantom gobblers. The challenge becomes getting out, finding birds and identifying a good place to hunt, whether it’s public or private...

Buck Raking Dead Tree

Big Buck Does a Number On This Tree!

Well, this is pretty cool! Check out this fine buck going to work on an old tree with his antlers, during the early part of the rut. He’s enjoying working over the tree, leaving his scent and leaving that signpost for other bucks and does. He’s a big ol’ healthy buck, too. Some guys...


Turkey Season Bonus: Get the Blind Advantage on Gobblers!

There’s something sacred about roughing it in the turkey woods. I’ll proudly admit, like scores of other hardcore turkey hunters, most of my credentials were earned the hard way — fully exposed to the elements, with my back against a tree and a numb rear end. However, our purist tactics were threatened with the...

Fighting Texas bucks

Amazing Bucks Fight, One Leaves as the Loser

What happens when two big bucks square off? One wins, one loses. It’s just the way things are settled among bucks each year, whether it’s in New York or Texas, Florida or Wisconsin. Bucks fight, sometimes they die, and the social pecking order is more established. Check out this video of two south Texas...

Gnarly Ohio Whitetail

Take a Look at This Fantastic Gnarly Nontypical Whitetail

Love those gnarly racks with trash and stickers and kickers on ‘em! Check out this buck and hunter’s tale from the 2012 season in Ohio, where this great buck got curious about some grunting and rattling in his area. Bad mistake! —- Want to tip the odds in your favor for taking a buck...

Buck at a mineral site

Your Deer Talk Questions: Mineral Licks and More

Some deer hunters may be taking a break in spring for turkeys and fishing, but others already are thinking about the upcoming deer season and checklist items to take care of. Among those items are mineral licks and camera surveys, and creating a great mineral lick is one of the best ways to help...

Fighting Bucks

Fighting Monster Bucks Get Down and Dirty

The next time you’re thinking about doing a little rattling sequence to mimic bucks fighting, remember that sometimes they get down and dirty in a hardcore clash. Check out this cool video we found on YouTube of two giant bucks going at it in the dirt. They’re intent on finding out who’s the toughest,...