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Burris Droptine Scope Thumb

Burris Droptine Scopes: Optics Specifically Designed for Deer Hunters

Are you looking for a solid, value-priced and dependable riflescope that will help you be more successful this year for deer and predators during hunting season? Burris believes they deliver with its new line of Droptine scopes. They’re designed in the 2-7 and 3-9 lines for centerfire rifles, slug guns and muzzleloaders with good...

Ted Nugent with Great Buck

Deer Talk Now: Have Anti-Hunters Written Our Game Laws?

He’s outspoken, passionate and never at a loss for words when it comes to defending hunting and hunting rights against any arguments that are uninformed, without fact or, to be honest, downright stupid. In our interview with firebrand rocker and diehard hunter Ted Nugent, we address several hot-button topics that always stir debate among...


Bushnell Elite Series: Best Bargain for Deer Hunting Scopes?

Bushnell Optics has retooled its popular Elite Series line of scopes to make it easier for you to find the best scope for deer hunting. You’ll get the great features of the Bushnell Elite line such as Rainguard HD coating, top quality optical glass and rugged housings in 1-inch or 30mm tube sizes. This...


Amazing Fight Between Two Incredibly Tough Bucks

Why do bucks fight? Myriad reasons, of course, including hormones, aggression, defending turf and in late summer playful jousting to sort of set the pecking order among the group. These bucks are flat-out gettin’ after it, though, and it’s a cool fight to watch between two giant deer. One is a 10-point and the...


Deer Talk Now: Secrets to Kill More Deer-Eating Coyotes

If you have problems with coyotes doing a number on your deer population, part of a good management plan includes hunting them whenever possible. Year-round trapping is a super way for management, but hunting coyotes and other predators is fantastic in the off-season. It gives you more opportunity to learn about the property and...

Bowhunting Practice Thumb

Deer Talk Now: Hit the Bull’s Eye With Your Bowhunting Practice

Becoming the best bowhunter you can be requires hours of patience, knowledge of your equipment and confidence that you can make the shot at an ethical range. Repetition and good technique are two of the best things you can do to achieve success. Of course, after you’re comfortable with your bow’s setup and how...


How to Be More Stealthy When You’re Deer Hunting

If you’re looking for a hand so you can enjoy your deer hunting lease more this season, watch this to find out about one of the coolest “parallel hybrid” utility vehicles on the market today: the Bad Boy Buggies Ambush iS. With the Ambush iS you’ll get a combination of 2WD in gas or...


Video: The Wildest Most Amazing Archery Trick Shots Ever

Yeah, you’re pretty good with a bow. You can stack arrows in your Block or Rinehart target at 20 and 30 and even 40 yards. You’ve shot deer from weird angles in treestands and ground blinds, made long shots, and threaded an arrow through that tiny gap between those two trees. But you’ll be...