Drop Tine Buck Photographed A Second Year

D&DH reader Dan Steyskal sent us these awesome scouting camera photos
of a drop tine buck.

Writes Dan:

Here are some pics of a deer that I have pics of from the last two years. As you can
see he has four nice drop tines.  The year before he had a drop tine on each
side.  Will he continue to grow drop tines in the future?  This deer survived
all the hunting seasons so hopefully I can get some pics of him in velvet this year
which I havent been able to do yet.

Dan Steyskal




Deer & Deer Hunting’s Editor, Dan Schmidt Responds:

Drop tines are mostly genetic, and, for the most part, they will come back year after
year. In the case of more than one drop tine, the buck typically adds more “junk”
to his rack in the form of other sticker points, etc., with age. However, that is
not always the case with drop tines. In rare cases, a drop tine will disappear for
a year or more (due to stress, nutrition etc.) and sometimes won’t come back at all.
Each buck is different.

Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

Dan Schmidt