Barnett BC Raptor R: Fast, Light and Ultra-Cool Limb Design

With a radical design that includes reversed limbs and blazing speeds, the new Barnett Buck Commander Raptor Reverse is turning heads as one of the best new crossbows for deer hunting.

The reverse draw design helps shift the center of gravity more toward the center just above your fore hand, which will aid in balance and accuracy. This is a cool, lighweight at just 6.5 pounds and very shootable crossbow with an ambidextrious stock, numerous safety features including a foregrip and anti-dry fire trigger system, and lethal power for deer, hogs and other big game.

Crossbows aren’t magical killing machines that cause deer to quiver in fear and lose blood through their hooves. You still have to and need to practice regularly with your crossbow, get the scope sighted in, find the best broadhead for deer hunting, learn to shoot from different positions in a stand, on the ground or in a blind, and continue practicing to become proficient. Being comfortable with how to shoot a crossbow is a key to better success in the field.

Check out the video with Brittney Leigh Glaze at the 2015 SHOT Show to find out more about the Barnett BC Raptor R crossbow.

Click the cover to learn more ...

Click the cover to learn more …

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