Bowhunter Shoots Antlered Doe

Season 1 Episode 1: Wyoming Velvet and The Bluegrass Lady from Antler Ice on Vimeo.

See the amazing bowhunt for an “antlered doe” in Kentucky in this full episode of Antler Ice’s Bone Cold TV. Chad Faulkner is the lucky hunter to score but not before Shaun Thomson makes a perfect shot on a full-vevlet 8-point buck in Wyoming. Great video of both deer hunts!

Faulkner shoots his rare whitetail during a hunt in the rain in Kentucky. He takes his time and delivers the killing shot on what he later learns is not just a buck. It’s actually a hermaphrodite whitetail — a once-in-a-lifetime trophy for any bowhunter.

Antler Ice Wyoming buckAlthough the deer would appear to be a doe (from the genitalia), the fact that it grew branched antlers is a clear give-away that it is not 100 percent female. Male testosterone must be present for this type of growth and, especially, hardening of the antlers underneath the velvet.

As noted many times in Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, true hermaphrodites have ovaries and testes but possess male or female external organs. This is key, and the very reason why so many folks believe they’ve shot an antlered doe when they see female reproductive organs on an antlered deer. A layman cannot distinguish the difference, especially after the animal has been field-dressed.

There is also the possibility that this deer is a pseudohermaphrodite (called cryptorchid males; common in dogs) with abdominal (internal) rudimentary testes and no recognizable ovaries.

Whatever the case, this whitetail is a sight to behold and a real trophy. Congratulations to Chad and the Antler Ice team for such great video footage of this hunt!

About Antler Ice:
Antler Ice is based about 45 minutes south of Buffalo, N.Y. Antler Ice was founded in 2011 by owner Shaun Thomson, a United States military veteran with more than a decade of experience in the hunting / filming industry. Driven to succeed, Thomson and his dedicated team at Antler Ice strive to produce the freshest, preservative free, frozen deer urine attractant on the market today, giving Antler Ice customers that extra advantage when they take to the woods in pursuit of the whitetail deer. For more information on Antler Ice, visit


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