CVA’s Jeremiah Johnson Tribute: The Most Clever Hunting Ad Ever?

You may not be a grizzly mountain man needing to kill a “bahr” like Jeremiah Johnson encountered in the frigid wilderness but it’s a good bet that if you did, this CVA television commercial would give you a leg up on putting down a rampaging bruin.

Our good friends at CVA have outdone themselves with this incredibly clever and well-produced television commercial. Just about any deer hunter worth his salt has seen the movie this is based on, and ol’ flatlander-turned-trapper Jeremiah Johnson might agree that it’s a good commercial, too.

By the way, the CVA Accura rifles now have a special rustproof nitride coating inside and out that repels moisture. Among other solid features, the “Northwest” version is designed to meet standards for open breech and ignition in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Jackknife Jed would agree, too. If, y’know, he wasn’t frozen.

If you haven’t seen the classic, original clip from Jeremiah Johnson when he pries the 50-caliber Hawken rifle from Jack’s popsicle fingers, here it is:

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