D+DH Innovation Zone: NAP Spitfire DoubleCross Broadhead

Exclusive insights into the most innovative products for deer hunters. The new 100-grain SpitFire DoubleCross from New Archery Products is a high-tech four-blade broadhead that creates a devastating wound channel. Chris Hunter explains how this broadhead works to create massive hemorrhaging in deer and other game.From the producers of Deer & Deer Hunting TV on Sportsman Channel.

D+DH Innovation Zone, Season 1, Ep. 30. Originally published June 24, 2016. NAP SpitFire DoubleCross Broadhead


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One thought on “D+DH Innovation Zone: NAP Spitfire DoubleCross Broadhead

  1. rweston416

    “You can find this at your local dealer or at our website”…..or not! Wish someone would confirm a release date. Can’t wait though….I thought that their Killzone Maxx was the best broadhead on the market….making the switch this year to the Doublecross once it is finally released.

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