Deer Talk Now: 3 Keys to Hunting Mature Bucks in Early Archery Season

If you’re a deer hunter, the early archery season can be tough sometimes because bucks are transitioning from their summer bachelor groups or maybe are already in their autumn areas getting settled.

Sometimes that’s a tough period because you’re in that in-between zone. You saw bucks during summer on camera but now they’re gone, or maybe are showing up infrequently and at strange times. Or maybe you’re dialed in like a boss and have one or two on your list to pursue.

Join Dan Schmidt from Deer & Deer Hunting and Chris Jorde of Heart J Outfitters in North Dakota on Deer Talk Now as they discuss the best tips for hunting mature bucks in the early archery season.

Also, Dan and Chris answer your other questions:
1. Can I have too many stands on my property?
2. What should I do if I don’t have trees suitable for hanging tree stands?
3. What are the keys to placing and hunting from ground blinds?
4. How do I go about locating a mature buck’s preferred bedding area?
5. Will trail cameras spook deer out of their bedding areas?
6. What should I plant to attract deer in the early season?

Watch Part 1 of this interview here.

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  1. davidthompson93

    Ok I’ve got a question I was hunting yesterday evening and about dusty dark I saw legs and the antlers I was so shook up with adrenaline I gently raised my bow and was getting ready to draw back for a shot on the 4 point then suddenly I saw a bigger rack coming out of the woods so I stood there drawn back and waiting an at this time the lead buck was looking right at me so all I could do was be still but the tension on my bow forced me to let it down slowly and at that time the 4 point ran back about 5 yards and looked back at me I re drew my bow and couldn’t make a shot on any of the bucks so I let it down an that just hopped off in the woods will the be back tomorrow??

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