Deer Talk Now: Best Tips for Mineral Sites, Big Bucks and More

Minerals play a big role in the development of a white-tailed deer’s antlers as they’re growing in spring and summer, which is one of the coolest things in the animal world.

That regeneration process after a deer casts its antlers following the breeding period requires a lot of nutrition and minerals. Those key things fuel the body first and then antlers, so to help deer become the best they can be it takes good habitat with food, maybe some supplemental food and good minerals for growth.

Longtime big buck hunter and Real Deal Mineral founder Matt Serwa capitalized on patience and persistence during the 2013-14 hunting season with a gorgeous gagger buck that scored more than 200 inches! Wow!

Serwa’s giant buck had a ton of mineral-built mass that only comes from healthy deer getting the best nutrition. That involves more than just buying a bag or making your own at the co-op and dumping it out in the woods.

Join Deer Talk Now as Serwa pays a visit to the DTN studios to discuss his mineral and feeding ideas, hunting strategies and more. Serwa may even have some shed antlers to show off, too!

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  1. Larry342516

    I really enjoyed the video, but wish you had explained how to use the bag of minerals. I one bag enough? Do you just empty the bag on the ground and don’t have to work it into the soil? With several animals eating it how much do you need in just one place? Thank you.

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