Deer Talk Now: Hit the Bull’s Eye With Your Bowhunting Practice

Becoming the best bowhunter you can be requires hours of patience, knowledge of your equipment and confidence that you can make the shot at an ethical range.

Repetition and good technique are two of the best things you can do to achieve success. Of course, after you’re comfortable with your bow’s setup and how you shoot, getting into a routine can have pros and cons. The pros may come from that muscle memory that gives you a smooth draw and anchor point.

The cons? Well, a routine is good for some things but sometimes nothing is routine in the woods, right? You may have a weird angle or have to hold for a while and that backyard routine doesn’t come into play as much.

However, that doesn’t mean your routine has to be boring. Adding some fun to the practice session helps anyone have a better time and you’re getting better, too.

Check out the latest episode of Deer Talk Now with Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks to see how they incorporate some fun into bowhunting practice routines.

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