Deer Talk Now: Pat & Nicole Gear Up

Questions about scouting, habitat, water sources and more are addressed by Driven’s Pat and Nicole Reeve on this episode of Deer Talk Now.

Topics include scouting cameras, stand location, planning out of state hunts and more. The Reeves were emphatic about maximizing limited scouting time, because their lives are so busy.

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One thought on “Deer Talk Now: Pat & Nicole Gear Up

  1. bobow

    I enjoy the shows but the volume is an issue. I have turned up the volume to max on my PC & on the video

    Dan, you seem to be good but Brad’s voice is weak & he seems to fade out at times.

    I respectfully request you get the mics closer (Brad mostly) and just try to speak a little louder for us old folks! The phone ins don’t seem to be a problem