Deer Talk Now: Proven Tactics for Hunting Big Bucks

When bucks split up, does start getting frisky and the rut zooms toward the peak when everything goes crazy, what do you do and how do you hunt during this exciting period?

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If you have a great calendar to keep things squared away for 2015, you can make notes now about what’s happening in your hunting area. Keen eyes and attention to doe and buck movements are clues that you can’t afford to miss when you’re trying to kill a big buck. Things are changing during this period of the rut and staying on top of things is critical.

Find out some of the best hunting tips and information from Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks of Deer & Deer Hunting during this new episode of Deer Talk Now. With the main part of the rut starting to hit in some southern states — a great chance to learn more with this awesome Southern Rut Hunters kit, too — Dan and Brad will talk about the rut, strategies, some cool products and more, including these topics:

• What is the most effective way of pulling a buck off the trail of a hot doe?
• How important is it for a bowhunter to align fixed-blade broadhead blades with the arrow’s fletchings?
• What are the best ways to place food-based scents and urine based scents when hunting from a tree stand?
• What are some tips and techniques for getting a new hunter comfortable with hunting from a tree stand?
• What are the best tree stands to use when someone is first starting out in bowhunting?

Southern Rut Hunter Value PackFind out the answers to these questions, and get more answers in the Southern Rut Hunters kit that includes the awesome Stretchback Duel Grunt Call and WoodsWise Super Hot Ma-Mah call. With these two adjustable calls you can vary your sounds, attract bucks and does, and get them into range.