Deer Talk Now: Secrets to Kill More Deer-Eating Coyotes

If you have problems with coyotes doing a number on your deer population, part of a good management plan includes hunting them whenever possible.

Year-round trapping is a super way for management, but hunting coyotes and other predators is fantastic in the off-season. It gives you more opportunity to learn about the property and wildlife. Just like with shed hunting, predator hunting helps you put boots on the ground and see what’s going on. You’ll learn about movement of predators on the land, when they’re most active to feed and support their families, breeding times and more.

ICOtec GC500 predator callPlus, predator hunting is just gut-tingling cool when you can use a great call and have a coyote (or two, or three) come in to your setup. Or maybe a bobcat or fox. Be sure to check your state regulations and also the desires of the landowner if you’re in a club or lease property.

“There’s not a more effective tool for calling coyotes sure-kill close than an electronic caller, such as ICOtec’s Model GC500, loaded with the realistic sounds of the critters — rabbits, birds, rodent and, yes, deer — they eat,” said Deer & Deer Hunting Editor Gordy Krahn. “The variety and realism you get from these recorded sounds will make you an instant expert, which often translates to more success in the field.”

Coyotes likely are your No. 1 nemesis, though, so having a versatile call is a must. You’ll be better off with rabbit, bird and other distress calls that have good range and realism. Today’s electronic calls are inexpensive and lightweight, so you can hike in, set up, maybe add a decoy and then put the hammer on the song dogs.

Cory Lundberg of Utah is a veteran predator hunter and guide with years of experience in calling to coyotes in open land. He’s chased coyotes in several western states and has learned about their habits, habitat and how to more effectively set up, call and kill them.

Lundberg provides that knowledge on this latest episode of Deer Talk Now.