Deer Talk Now: Three Biggest Bloodtrailing Mistakes

What do you know about bloodtrailing a deer?

Just follow the track you think the deer took? Use a big light? Spray some kind of blood juice on the ground to make things shine? Maybe you should get on your knees and hands to become the deer?

Or maybe you could, if you’ve exhausted your best deer tracking methods, call a specialist with a bloodtrailing hound who could help you more effectively. That’s what Kasey Morgan does as the owner and trainer of Bloodhound Deer Trackers trailing and recovery service.

Kasey Morgan Bloodhound Deer Tracking Service1Morgan joins Deer Talk Now hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks to discuss blood trailing, tracking, wounded deer and how tracking dogs can help hunters. Morgan and Rucks will talk about the three biggest blood trailing mistakes hunters make and how you can learn to avoid those to increase your chances of recovering a buck or doe.

Schmidt and Rucks also have information about the superb Ma-Mah deer call that works on bucks and does, Smokey’s Preorbital Lure for use with mock scrape licking branches and freshening existing ones, and the unique Viking High-Tail that can help make field dressing easier and faster.

Schmidt and Rucks also answer some questions submitted by our great Deer Talk Now fans.

Be sure to watch today’s show and check out our Deer Talk Now Archives anytime!

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