Deer Talk Now: What Deer Hunters Can Learn From Trappers

Tom Miranda has hunted big game animals around the world, literally on multiple continents and in some of the toughest conditions, but he got his start as an outdoorsman many years ago as a trapper.

With the knowledge Miranda gained from studying animals’ travel routes, escape routes, how they approached his trap sets, how to set the traps and more, he became a better woodsman and hunter. Over the years, all that knowledge helped him in large and small ways during his deer and big game hunting pursuits. Perhaps it was when he was studying maps or terrain features for stand setups or how he believed deer would migrate from bedding to feeding areas, the early days of trapping helped greatly.

Miranda believes trapping helps create better deer hunters and he explains those thoughts and secrets on the latest episode of Deer Talk Now.

Tom Miranda Deer Talk Now

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