Destination Whitetail: Auburn University’s Deer Lab

Come along for a behind-the-scenes look at one of the country’s top wildlife biology programs. Students of the DeerLab at Auburn University’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences in east-central Alabama are helping shape the future of deer research and management in the U.S.

Auburn University has a long history of completing insightful research projects related to white-tailed deer that have improved our understanding of these fascinating animals and their habitats. Auburn University’s current deer research program, known as DeerLab, is continuing this legacy through the many projects conducted at the Captive Research Facility north of Auburn and also on public and privately owned land throughout the southeastern U.S.

In October 2007, our team of researchers established the Auburn University Deer Research Facility in an effort to answer difficult questions related to white-tailed deer research and management that cannot be addressed in conventional study areas.  Our goal for this facility was to develop a unique captive research environment where we were able to collect detailed, life-long information from each individual but also maintain “natural” behavior.

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