Fantastic Tips for Public Land Deer Hunts


Do you hunt public land and if so, what are your expectations for a successful hunt: meat or antlers?

Can you have both? Can you enjoy hunting public land knowing others may be around you or walk in on you, or not have the same expectations you have?

Check out this clip from Deer & Deer Hunting TV, and then let us know what you think about public hunting opportunities where you live. We’d like to hear your thoughts.

One thought on “Fantastic Tips for Public Land Deer Hunts

  1. JackpineBadger

    By God’s provision I bagged the biggest buck of my life on Minnesota public land last Veteran’s Day (rifle). I followed advice from John Eberhart, scouted in April, and took him with a 70-yd shot thru the heart. However, the previous two years I hunted other public land and saw neither hide nor hair. I’m convinced that after applying skill, woodsmanship, and time, their Creator is the key behind bringing them within range and sealing the deal. Happy body piercing!

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