Deer Talk Now: Great Game Camera Tips for Deer Hunters

When you’re trying to get the best information about your deer from camera surveys, do you just strap a camera on a tree and dump corn in front of it?

Browning camera


What tree? Near a field or up in the woods? What if your batteries run out? Do you have the best SD card for your game camera or should you get one with 40’leven giggawhatzits to get video and images? How often should you go pull the card to check the images, or should you move the camera? Tom Rainey of Browning Trail Cameras visits Deer Talk Now hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks to discuss these questions and others. Browning Trail Cameras hit the market in 2013 and quickly made a name for itself with quality cameras at affordable prices. Rainey will discuss a couple of the new models, too.

Also on Deer Talk Now, Schmidt and Rucks will feature a special on the lightest and most comfortable tree stand safety harness on the market.

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