Gutless Field Dressing of Your White-Tailed Deer

Field-dressing a deer after a successful hunt sometimes can be a chore, but this super video can have you literally bagged and headed for the house with minimal effort.

Randy Newberg and On Your Own Adventures compiled this instructional vid showing a gutless method for cutting up and bagging a deer. You probably could do the same for pronghorn, elk, moose or other big game.

Newberg shows the cuts you need to make, including with the cape, from start to finish and also describes in good detail where to make specific cuts. Take some time to watch if you’re interested in learning this good technique for field dressing.

One thought on “Gutless Field Dressing of Your White-Tailed Deer

  1. Legion

    Thank you for sharing this. Performing this method appears to be a lot cleaner method than others I’ve done esp dealing with guts and organs flopping all over the place, then trying to scoop them up to throw away. I liked the point about not cutting the rear hind tendon and using it as a handle, had not thought of this before. Also, keeping the hide on while quarting the rear hinds to keep clean is a good point. Thanks again for sharing.